Why I think Google may be wrong to think that it can grab 90% of the office users from Microsoft

Google Wants To Grab 90% Of Office Users From Microsoft – this article on Forbes.com talks about how Google’s approach for their Google Apps product is to “get to the 90% of users who don’t need to have the most advanced features of Office”. This implies that they think that 90% of the users of Office don’t use the so-called advanced features of Office 100% of the time. Which probably doesn’t make sense.

I have tried to use Google Docs many a times, but have never been satisfied with them. I am definitely not the average user of Office, but 90% of my use cases for Office can be met by Google Docs – however, I continue to use Microsoft Office because that 10% of the time, I will need a feature that will not be present in Google Docs. I notice that a lot of users in my company fall in the same category.

We do use Google Apps and we pay for them (as we do for Microsoft Office too) – the primary reason for using Google Apps was sharing with multiple people through the cloud (as we do not currently deploy SharePoint internally). However, with SkyDrive and Office Web Apps, that advantage may soon go away for Google.

I think Microsoft Office is a great product and if you are a user of Office, you only realize how good it is when you are getting frustrated trying to do even the simplest tasks on Google Spreadsheets and failing.

But then again, stranger things have happened so maybe Google will take over that market.