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Over the weekend, I was feeling a little burnt out from work and so wanted to do something fun. I have been wanting to play with the Twitter API for quite some time, but till now didn’t get a chance. So I thought, whey not spend a couple of hours working on that.

Out came the trusty Visual Studio and I started coding. A couple of hours later, I have an application which does nothing more than allowing you to copy the Twitter theme from any user on Twitter. (yup, I know its a useless app, but I was just having some fun).

I am going to show quickly how the application is used, then list a few disclaimers, and then provide a link to download the application in case you are feeling bored enough to go copy someone’s profile theme.

After installing the application, you should find an icon on your desktop, simply launch it. You see the following screen:

In the screen, just enter your Twitter username, and your Twitter password, and also enter the name of the profile whose theme you want to copy. I am choosing the theme of Caterina Fake (a co-founder of Flickr), who has a nice looking theme (shown below):

Once you have entered the details, just hit the button and if you entered the right username and password, then you should now have the theme of the person whose name you entered (in my case Caterina).

And sure enough, here’s my profile after I clicked the button:

Simple, isn’t it?


There are many disclaimers that go along with this application (should you decide to use it):

  • It doesn’t copy the tiled background setting. So, if the profile you are copying from has the background image tiled, and you don’t, then after the copy is done, you will have to manually go and check the tiled box in your settings page (and vice versa). The reason it doesn’t do that is simple – I am using Tweet# as a library to access the Twitter API, and they seem to have forgotten to implement this option (and I was too lazy to fix that code).
  • There is no error handling. So, if something goes wrong (such as the wrong username/password) then the app won’t tell you. Sorry, but this was a weekend fun task – so I didn’t want to spend too much effort.
  • It requires .Net framework 3.5 to run. Chances are that you will have it installed, but if you don’t the installer will tell you and you will have to download and install it.
  • Standard disclaimer: I am not responsible for anything that arises from the use of this application.

Download Link

If you would still like to give this a try, then here is the download link:

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