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Microsoft goes mashing with Popfly

I loved Yahoo Pipes (I still like it). I found the user interface pretty intuitive and smart. But now I have a new favorite: Popfly. Microsoft has entered the race with a completely Silverlight based offering. Popfly is currently in Alpha phase in a by invitation only mode. I was lucky enough to get one (I think all it takes is to apply using their site). The user interface is a little helter-skelter, but the overall experience is very neat. Look at what I made in about 2 minutes of playing around (I actually didn’t make it, Popfly did). Of course, you won’t see anything if you don’t have SilverLight installed. Here it is:

As you can see, it shows my last 10 posts on the blog (those Back/Next buttons let you scroll). I would have put this in the sidebar (I did, actually), but that little gray box in the upper right corner takes up most of the real estate in the side bar and the actual UI becomes too small.

If you like mashups, go ahead and sign-up for the alpha.

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