Some great blogs that I have been following recently

So, I have added to my reading list and I would like to share the list with everyone. Maybe I should make a Facebook app which allows you to share which blogs you are reading with your friends (if there is not one already).

Well here’s my list:

  • Computer Zen – Scott Hanselman is my all time favorite and he blogs about everything from the latest Silverlight release to sign language for infants. Overall, it is a technology oriented blog.
  • Coding Horror – The name of the blog should say it all, but it doesn’t. Jeff Atwood does blog about a lot of interesting things other than just the dark side of software.
  • LifeHacker – Gina Tripani and team put together a blog which has a lot of useful things with the theme “Geek to Live”; tips and tools for a better life. I like to skim the headlines and read something in detail if the headline is of interest.
  • ScottGu’s Blog – if you have anything to do with .Net development, you have to read this blog. As it says on his blog, he builds a few products for Microsoft.
  • More Tech Blogs – These I normally skim the headlines of, and every once in a while I go deep into reading an article that interests me: You’ve been haacked, The Old New Thing, Somasegar’s Blog, Sam Gentile’s Blog, ISerializable, Carnage4Life.
  • Joel on Software – Some very different commentary on the software industry. Joel is almost always fun to read.
  • Presentation Zen – Garr Reynolds talks about anything and everything that you need to make a good and professional presentation. Anyone who needs to give presentations should definitely read this blog.
  • Modern Life – Stuart Brown blogs about blogging, search engines, the web and is generally a good reading.
  • Intertwingly – Sam Ruby is the director of the Apache Software Foundation, and his blog records what he has been up to (typically interesting stuff).
  • Techdirt – The team really presents all the dirt on technology very well.
  • BoingBoing – One of the most popular blogs on the net. I read the headlines and dig in if I find something interesting. They cover a large variety of topics and so just by reading one post a day from here will expand your overall knowledge of things.
  • WorseThanFailure – WTF is the blog for real WTF’s in the software industry. To get your daily laughs, go here, but be warned, as you may be reminded of yourself at times.
  • TechMeme – Even before they become hot, the hottest things on the internet might surface here first.

These are blogs which I read at least once a week; most of them, daily. What are the blogs that you like to read?


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