Serious about giving Bing a try? Make it default

I switched over to Chrome for FireFox almost as soon as Chrome came out. I love the browser. One of the things that I have grown quite accustomed to doing is simply searching from the Chrome Address Bar. I no longer go to for searching. It has become second nature.

So, when Bing launched, even though I told myself I will give it a shot, I found that I was still using Google to do my searches because of the habit with the address bar. So, to stick to my decision to give Bing a fair try, I just made Bing the default search engine for Chrome. Here’s how to do it if you want to do it for yourself.

1. Fire up Chrome, click on the tools button, and click Options – this will open the Options dialog box.

2. On the Basics tab, locate the “Manage” button under Default Search section, and click it – this will open up the Search Engines dialog box.

3. Click on the “Add” button and enter the details as shown in the picture below, and press Ok – this will create an entry for Bing as a search engine in Chrome.

4. Almost done. Select Bing in the list of search engines and click on the “Make Default” button – the entry will probably be in Other search engines, in the list.

That’s it, we are done. Now whenever I search for something using my usual process, I end up using Bing. You can add Bing as a default search engine in whichever browser you use. The process is usually similar.

Happy Binging!

4 thoughts on “Serious about giving Bing a try? Make it default”

  1. I have done this as well. It feels like I am betraying Google. However, I don’t want to be bias. I think it will stay this way.

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