Microsoft Surface doesn’t connect to iPhone Hotspot

Are you having trouble connecting your Surface to your iPhone’s hotspot? Well it does connect. But you need to make some changes to your iPhone. By default, your iPhone names your phone your_name’s phone. So my iPhone is called Vaibhav’s iPhone.┬áThat apostrophe is what throws the spanner in the works for the Surface. So, it is a simple fix.

Go to your iPhone’s Settings, General, About, and Name. Change your phone’s name so that it doesn’t have any special characters in it (I didn’t test whether it works with a space in the name). Save, and bam, it now works.

Why Microsoft doesn’t support it? No idea. Based on what I understand the standard for naming Wifi SSID allows an apostrophe in the name.

9 thoughts on “Microsoft Surface doesn’t connect to iPhone Hotspot”

  1. Thank you so much. After 2 hours on the phone with Sprint and no-one could figure out issue, this took 3 minutes. I cannot tell you how happy you just made me

  2. Your page should be top of the list on Google searches for this problem of the surface not connecting to iPhone hot spot. Ive spent 24hrs in my caravan in Scotland and its been so frustrating not to have a decent internet connection. Now all is well….. its still freezing cold but I am on line!!!!! Yippee . Thanx so much.

  3. Awesome! Thank you!! It was getting frustrating after trying wifi, Bluetooth and a wired link to my cell phone! It also doesn’t like parentheses.

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